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Behind Every Successful Chamber is a Great Accounting Software Solution.

At Excellium Consulting, we sell Smart Business Software Solutions to smart businesses across Nigeria.

Behind Every Successful Chamber is a Great Accounting Software Solution.

Business growth is achievable.

The Business Side of Law:

According to a recently published article by Forbes; Excellent Business Models, Strong Balance Sheets, and Steady Profit are common denominators among firms considered to be industry-winners.
In the Nigerian Legal Terrain, there are many challenges that inhibit Profitability and Growth. The application of the right business management solution would solve most of these problems identified:

  1. Automatic tracking of workflows, billing, document processing processes and procedures.
  2. Initiating, Managing and Executing Projects.
  3. Managing and Monitoring Contracts and Agreements.
  4. Measuring Profitability over a period of time.
  5. Managing inflow and outflow of cash
  6. Capturing, Managing, Tracking and accessing large volume of data and information;
  7. Client Relationship Management from the initial point of contact, to the execution of contract;
  8. Allocation, Monitoring and Management of Cases from start to finish;
  9. Acquiring, managing and retaining Talents;

Compliance with the local tax laws with respect to withholding tax specifically in Payroll concerns; and much more.